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About The Chocolate Lady


Chocolate connoisseur Katie Chan has long had a fondness for all things food and beverage since at a young age. Following her passion for food and the enthusiasm to promote an “eat well” philosophy, she graduated from Kings College London with a BSc Nutrition in 2007. Armed with passion and knowledge, she was determined to pursue a career in the food and beverage industry.


Upon her return to Hong Kong, she was quickly employed by a UK confectionery trading company as Food Product Developer overseeing the mass market chocolate products for the renowned chocolate brand – “awfully chocolate”. It is during her numerous research trips that she found herself completely captivated by the fascinating world of chocolate. To further her understanding in the realm of chocolate tasting, she earned a certified qualification from the Chocolate Tasting Institute in London. 


In 2013, she founded her own company – “The Chocolate Club Hong Kong” with the vision to promote chocolate appreciation to the masses through education and to import a carefully curated selection of artisanal chocolate brands to widen the selection of high quality chocolate products in Asia. Her chocolate education and pairing workshops were well received by partners such as: The Racing Club HK, New World Club, Dickson Watches and Jewellery, HSBC and Hennessy. Her expertise did not go unnoticed by the industry professionals. In 2015, she was appointed as Judge of the International Chocolate Awards World Final session and Consultant for one of Hong Kong’s biggest chocolate events - The Harbour City Chocolate Trail from 2015 – 2019. This year she also participated in the Academy of Chocolate Award as a judge.


Now affectionately known as The Chocolate Lady in Hong Kong. When she is not busy conducting workshops or experimenting with new ways to pair chocolate. You are likely to find Katie happily chatting with anyone at her booth in Christmas markets or cafés sharing her love and knowledge of chocolate with everyone she encounters. 

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