Virtual Chocolate Tasting Workshop for Dominican Republican Cacao & Chocolate 2.0!


This May, we are so excited to organise the second round of this EXCLUSIVE chocolate tasting workshop collaborating with the non-profit International Executive Service Corps (IESC) and the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute @FCCI, featuring Dominican cacao and chocolates. This time we will bring it online and everyone can easily learn and taste our chocolates indoor. 


IESC is a non-profit organisation based in the US who has been running an USDA-funded Exporting Quality Program in the Dominican Republic, which is focused on supporting Dominican cacao and chocolate professionals to improve and promote their products for export. Join forces with IESC and FCCI, we will be organising 2 sessions (one offline & one online) tasing workshop celebrating Dominican cacao and chocolates. 


Date & Time: 22 May 2021 (Sat) / 11:30am - 1:00pm

Price: $450 per pax / $400 per pax (for early bird registered before 7 May) 

*Extra $200 per set requesting for an extra set of chocolate


Workshop includes: 

  • Tasting 4 brands and 8 types of chocolates from the Dominican makers (Chocolates from Definite Chocolate, Kahkow, Milz Chocolat and Choco Punto)
  • Tasting Dominican Republican cacao 
  • An in-depth presentation about Dominican cacao and chocolate presented by Katie Chan (Founder of Chocolate Club & Certified Chocolate Taster)
  • Language: Cantonese 


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Virtual Chocolate Tasting Workshop for Dominican Republican Cacao & Chocolate