• Vintage 2015 Kampot Pepper Matured 3 Years


    The importance of terroir has drawn our attention to other artisanal producers in the world whose products are also strongly shaped by land and weather.

    This fascination led us to the Cambodian province of Kampot, which has been growing the world’s finest pepper for centuries


    So we imported the finest Kampot pepper in the world, from Kadodé, and began to experiment. The result is nothing short of spectacular. 


    Introducing Vintage 2015 - Kampot Pepper Matured 3 Years.



    • -Tasting Notes-

      (80.5% Cacao)
      ON THE NOSE: A fresh herbal tone with rich chocolatey notes enlivened by floral spice.


      ON THE PALATE: Earthy, hints of nuts and dark fruits, pepper comes in at the mid-palate with hints of wood and coffee, spice and citrus on the backend.


      FINISH: Smooth buttery texture, floral shades of pepper with hints of wood and coffee, long alluring finish.

      Net weight: 50g

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