• Rain Harvest 2015 Light

    To’ak’s Rain Harvest 2015 Edition includes two expressions of dark chocolate from Piedra de Plata, which each showcase a different spectrum of the Nacional cacao flavor profile.

    Number of Bars Produced : 250
    Origin : Piedra de Plata, Ecuador
    Variety : Nacional
    Cacao Percentage : 73%
    Harvest : April - May 2015
    Fermentation : 4 days in Spanish Elm wood
    Roast : Moderate
    Recipe : cacao mass & cane sugar
    Certifications : USDA Organic & Fair Trade TSA
    Conch : 23.5 hours
    • Details

      Tasting Notes
      (73% Cacao)
      Having pursued the emblematic flavor of Nacional cacao with Dark, we allowed ourselves greater poetic license with Light. In our pre-production experiments, we noticed that as we extended the conch time, the flavor profile gradually shifted from the floral end of the spectrum toward a stronger presence of fruit notes. Traces of flowers remain on the nose in the form of a faint perfume, but on the palate the primary impression is a succession of fruits, with notes of citrus, raspberry, plum, and raisin all present. The later harvest and lower cacao percentage soften the tannins and allow a more subtle, nuanced expression with many tertiary layers that confer complexity.

      Net weight: 50g

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