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To’ak’s Rain Harvest 2015 Edition includes two expressions of dark chocolate from Piedra de Plata, which each showcase a different spectrum of the Nacional cacao flavor profile.

Number of Bars Produced : 250
Origin : Piedra de Plata, Ecuador
Variety : Nacional
Cacao Percentage : 80.5%
Harvest : February - March 2015
Fermentation : 5 days in Spanish Elm wood
Roast : Moderate
Recipe : cacao mass & cane sugar
Certifications : USDA Organic & Fair Trade TSA
Conch : 9 hours

Rain Harvest 2015 Dark

  • Tasting Notes:
    (80.5% Cacao)
    Our goal with Dark was to highlight the emblematic characteristics of Nacional cacao from the Arriba growing region in Ecuador. The higher cacao percentage, longer fermentation time, and relatively shorter conch time have produced a strongly floral aroma that continues to intermingle with red fruits and earthy notes on the palate. To us, this is the signature flavor profile of the Nacional cacao that first enticed us to make chocolate. The earlier harvest combines with the relatively higher cacao percentage to confer structure and a long, noble finish with memorable character.

    Net weight: 50g
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