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The Hinitan chocolate collection is the first farm-to-table range of hand-crafted chocolate available in Hong Kong.


Produced with high quality Philippines cocoa from the Hinitan Plantation and partner estates.


Situated on the steep banks of Taal lake, The Hinitan Plantation, a heritage farm preserving a rare Barako Coffee and Batangas Cocoa,  is rich with volcanic soil, the perfect environment to grow the specialty crops.


Every aspect in the creation of each bar is carefully managed by the owners of Hinitan and the dedicated farm team, from the care and attention each tree receives, to the harvesting, fermenting, drying and  storage, until the cocoa beans are at their best to be shipped to Hong Kong where they are expertly roasted.


Finally, each bar is hand crafted in Hong Kong into the quality chocolates Hinitan has become known for, with inclusions that have been carefully selected to ensure each bar has a distinct and unique flavour profile to work in unison with the quality Hinitan Cocoa. 

Photo & Text  by Hinitan Plantation

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