We all know chocolate can bring us happiness. It can be a delightful treat or a pick me up on a bad day (in difficult times). That is why we created this “Choco-Care Box” idea. So you can receive a box of happy treats in your post box every month. It can also be a little gift for a friend whose birthday is coming up or he/she needs to be cheered up.


Inside this Choco-Care Box are chocolates that we love - all sourced from around the world from Southeast Asia to South America, and some of the bars are not being sold anywhere else in Hong Kong that are only exclusive for our subscribers. As with specialty coffee, these chocolates are all made with the finest cacao beans and ingredients. Most importantly, the chocolate makers carefully handcrafted the beans into bars in small batches. 


Not only premium bean-to-bar (sometimes even tree-to-bar!) chocolates that are good for our health, but we also take care of your mental wellness. Each box will include our monthly wellness tips and self-care reminders for our awareness. 

Our monthly chocolate themes for the next 6 months:


Nov 2020: Discovery of Cacao Origin - Mexico

Dec 2020: All about African Cacao

Jan 2021: Interesting Inclusions & Flavours

Feb 2021: Lovebirds Chocolate Makers

Mar 2021: Female Chocolate Makers

April 2021: Make your own chocolate drinks

Our monthly wellness themes for the next 6 months:


Nov 2020: Life is an adventure, don't stagnate

Dec 2020: Winter solstice - celebration of light

Jan 2021: Start the new year's with beginner's mind

Feb 2021: Self-love is the base of all love

Mar 2021: Celebrating women

April 2021: Celebrating your I-am-ness

You will not know which brands or bars you will get until you receive the little surprises at your door. Just like our motto: “Life is like a box of chocolates, enjoy all the surprises and every bite!”

Every Choco-Care Box will include:

  • 2 - 3 carefully selected craft chocolate bars by our founder Katie and some of the bars are currently not selling anywhere else in Hong Kong

  • A set of Chocolate Info Cards + Monthly Wellness Card 

  • Free shipping (sorry we only deliver to Hong Kong only at the moment)

  • Access to our live steam tasting session for the month that is hosted by our founder Katie

About orders and deliveries...


Please order before the last day of the current month, in order to get your subscription next month. 


For example, if you would like to receive the box in December 2020, you will need to order before 30th November. If you order on the 1st of December 2020, your first box starts in January 2021


We ship on the second week of every month. It usually takes up to 3-4 days to deliver. Your order will be packed with care and ice gel packs to avoid them from melting.

*Special notes for November's delivery: Our cut-off date will be 14 November to allow everyone some more time to decide and purchase. Your first box will be delivered on the week of 16 November.

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